We’ve got transition! It’s gnarly, heavy and oh my, it’s looking mighty fine. Tomorrow the Viking Blocks coping arrive and monday we’ll fill up the flatbottom and the plateaus. Tuesday we’ll build a fence and hopefully find some stairs. AND WEDNESDAY WE SKATE!! If all goes well, that is..

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Foto: Marc Faasse

Foto: Marc Faasse

MAJOR FUCKING PROGRESS! We poured and schmeared the shallow end yesterday and we’re doing the deep end today. Thanks to the craftmanship and awesomeness of concrete gods Jeremy Butterworth, Will Taylor and Dave Toms from Concreatures in Sweden our pool is now officially becoming The Real Thing. Check out the loveseat:


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We closed it! Now it really looks like some kind of bunker.

This picture shows how much fun we had today filling up the plateaus. It’s a man’s job. We’re also finished with the armour of the concrete. This means we braided 900 Meters of steel wire WITH OUR BARE HANDS! We feel super manly now. Of course a big thanks goes out to the people of P. De Boorder & Zn, who gave us all the steel for free!! We still need a lot of hands for next week, so if you have a moment to spare let us know!!


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Waalhalla skatepark hooked us up BIGTIME!! They’re lending us all kinds of great male concrete tools so we can schmear the concrete next week. Thanks guys, you’re the best!!

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We know we wouldn’t do it..

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We finished the shallow end armour today! It looks so professional you wouldn’t say we did it ourselves! Of course we had extra hands on the spot; thanks Niels Burnside, Tim & Raoul! Great job. Again! Oh by the way, there’s going to be a lovely little loveseat in the shallow end as well. We’ll show some pics of that soon.This is how we leave our precious little baby every night. Sweet dreams.

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A quick update on where we are now. As you can see it’s slowly becoming a genuine pool now! We’re superstoked and so is everybody who drops by to help or check it out. Most Dutch skaters are kind of intimidated by the radical shape, but yesterday Bask skater Alain Goikoetxea came by and told us; “It looks like a real fun pool, not as hard as Algorta, more mellow and fun..” We can’t wait to see him rip it to shreds.

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Salba is sick. We stole this from Dietsches, who is also sick. We’re still building a pool, that too is sick. Everything is sick. Siiiick!!

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It’s going to be a busy week! We just got 900 meters of steel wires for reinforcing the concrete from P. de Boorder & Zoon from Alkmaar FOR FREE!! A huge thanks to those guys! We need to braid these before we can pour the concrete over it this week, so if anyone has some hours to spare this week, let us know! We can really use some extra hands. Our deadline is now the 30th of June, which is really fast. We’re planning a great party if we make it the 30th so it’s in your own best interest to help us out, haha.

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Dutch National newspaper De Volkskrant interviewed these two guys for this awesome article about the new ways art in the Netherlands is funding itself. We crowdfunded this project and these two heroes gave us cashmoney. Thanks guys! You should defenitely swing by the office soon to receive some love!! We owe you big time, and everybody who’s helping us out with this enormous project for that matter. Oh the title says; Skaters make art possible. All we know is that we’re working on it! Tataaa!

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