The week before we painted the pool we had a great session with a bunch of good people and sweet cold beverages given to us by the lovely people of Warsteiner and Red Bull. Some of the people you see skating here are the ever awesome Tim Bijsterveld, Olaf Smit, Molf Himself, our great helper Raoul Janga and a whole lot more. Thank you Kim Idsinga for this great edit! Good times!! Ow, we stole this little video from Tagsters by the way.

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We finally completed the paintjob! A tribute to the Gay Capitol of the world aka Amsterdam and it’s gay inhabitants. The pool is now filled with Gay Pride and the pink plateau completes the deal. At the end of the paint job Molf & Roy had a hard time keeping their heads cool, so they finished it butt naked.  We hope our pool becomes a second gay monument for the city of Amsterdam. We’d love to see some more leather and moustaches in here (do those gay dudes still exist? We feel a theme party coming up..).

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What have we here? This is none other than the legendary Chuck Treece, lead singer of skatepunk legends McRad (the band we all know from this part) SKATING OUR POOL! Pretty fucking awesome! The guys are playing at the Winston tonight, together with the Local Spastics. Show starts at 9, go and check it out!!


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This is our buddy Tim Painter. He’s officially the employee of the month as he’s getting scaringly close to working more hours on this project than ourselves! He also has a great English accent and likes to get dirty. Anyhooters, Tim helped us out again with the current fence situation at our pool; he works for Metaplus, a manufacturer of steel skateparks in the Netherlands, and he convinced the people there to help us out with actual fences, welding gear and a bunch of steel. And they did! So this one goes out to the people of Metaplus. And Tim of course. Oh Tim, can you help us out again Saturday? We love you!!

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Today we have a great article about us in Amsterdam based national newspaper Het Parool. The story basically tells how fucking awesome the Miktor & Molf pool is. More or less. Dutchies can click on the pic to read it. Thanks people of the Parool!

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Man, what a crazy great weekend, time for some bad news! Because we’re a little slow in our efforts to build a proper fence around the Miktor & Molf pool, city officials gave us an official warning. No one is to skate the pool untill we fixed a fence. We put up a sign before the weekend saying: “No entry. Superdangerous!” But that didn’t help much. Anyway, if they see anyone skating now, chances are we might have to tear it all down. Not something we are particularly  siked about, so please help us out by not skating it and give us a week to fix it. After that you may all rip it to shreds again. For ever! Thanks!



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Foto: Alex Post

We kind of had a little opening session yesterday and we can officially say that the Miktor & Molf pool works! And already some of the best skaters in the world have skated it! Grant Taylor (who is argueably the best skater in the world right now), Julien Benoliel (he’s the guy in the picture doing a frontside nosegrind which is something normal people do not even think about), Fernando Bramsmark, Jarne Verbruggen, Stefan Janoski, Matthijs Booij, Mick Johan, and a whole lot more. It was a great session, a beautiful night and a worthy unofficial opening for our pool. THANKS EVERYBODY!!

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Lookie look what the great people of Red Bull hooked us up with! This’ll get the session going today! Oh rumours are circling around on the internet about who’s coming.. We know nothing except that the guys at Nike SB told us to BE THERE! Hope to see you around 17.00hrs! There’s a bunch of porc meat on the Ray Barbeeque and there’s limited beers as well, so be sure to bring some if you want it bad. Weather’s fine; it’s gonna be epic!

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We’re in complete awe. A little detail here and there and we’re done!

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We put up the Viking Blocks pool coping yesterday and it’s hot as tits in a Swedish sauna! We like to think that’s hot, but we don’t really know as we never were in a Swedish sauna. Anyhooters, today the last pieces of the puzzle go in the blank spots and then we’re done. WOOOOH!!

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