We're building our own

We are Miktor & Molf and we are building our dream. Our dream is a kidney-shaped backyard pool. We initiated this project because we want to give back something to the public space. As skateboarders we have gratefully used public space for over two decades in a way that no architect could have imagened. And now it’s payback time.

We’re building a DIY pool, for the city of Amsterdam. A social sculpture realised with the help of many friends and brands, for everybody to use and respond to in any possible way. Skaters, artists; everybody. As this is a social sculpture, we turned to crowdfunding to get it financed. We’re now building this monsterproject and we’d like to invite you to come and check it out! We’re still looking for extra funds, so if you have any money to spare, check out the Donate section. If you have a great idea, or a project you would like to do with this pool, please get in touch!

Thanks for your interest and see you around!

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